How to... dress for a video conference meeting

If you've ever had to dress for an interview or important meeting you'll know what a difference your outfit makes to your confidence. However tempting it is to stay dressed down in your lounge wear, I would really recommend planning out a few options (for the top half at least!)

I honestly believe that with the right work wear you'll feel more prepared and better equipped to add input into the conversation - whether that be a catch up with colleagues, a one to one with your manager or even an interview.

Here are my top tips:

1) Think about the area you're dressing - go for a rounded or high neck top. When you have a limited frame to dress to impress, you may as well make the most of it!

2) Consider the lighting in the room you're working in and avoid sheer or shiny materials if the light is bright!

3) Choose some statement jewellery - a necklace is such a simple way to add your personality and style to the screen.

4) Not only should you consider how you're dressed but also how your work space is dressed. An untidy background won't give your colleagues a good impression! You want to appear organised and focused.

5)I would suggest going for a block colour, unless of course you want to really stand out. Kate Middleton used a burst of spring colour recently dressing perfectly for a zoom call.

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