How to... stay stylish in self isolation

So as I am writing this we are currently 2 weeks into 'lockdown' during the Covid-19 pandemic. I thought I would share with you my thoughts on dressing in quarantine, or whether we should bother getting dressed at all!!

I'll be the first to admit I am totally winging life right now. Trying to work from home, make a home, school at home and stay in my home - it's exhausting knowing where to start. It's also extremely tempting to stay in pyjamas all day (Which by the way there is nothing wrong with and I have done on more than a few occasions...) However I do think it's really important to try and hang on to whatever normality we can right now. And getting up and dressed in the mornings is an easy way to start.

So what do you wear during a global pandemic? I'm more used to planning outfits for dinner dates, or cocktails, or brunch, or the school run! This is a totally new ballgame...

Comfort has to be the number 1 priority, but that doesn't mean you can't also be stylish with it. Leggings are a great staple which I think most women have in their wardrobe. Lets be honest, no one needs jeans restricting the waistline right now (If isolation eating wasn't bad enough we have Easter just round the corner... and I don't know about you but I'm planning on eating huge amounts of chocolate bunnies....)

So leggings or jeggings, teamed with a loose a lightweight top is my ultimate outfit recommendation. I have spent the last few days alternating between these grey and black hooded tops. Personalised initials make them feel a bit more special than a normal jumper, so when I get to go on the essential supermarket food run, I still feel like 'me'. I have been throwing on a black leather jacket and white court trainers with them, which is perfect for this spring weather we're getting right now.

I am aware that many of us are still working from home, and so my next post will focus on what to wear during those dreaded video conference calls. That's deffo not for a Sunday night though! Anyway hope you've a good weekend peeps and have stayed home and stayed safe.

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